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My name is Jesse, founder of Body and Mind Control. 
As personal trainer and lifestyle coach I motivate, stimulate and coach clients to reach their goals to optimize their lifestyle. 
My vision is that Body and Mind comes together to work on yourself. With 100% full Mind Control you give 200% Body Control.  Together we are team and we are going to complete your mission.
'Let's invest in that
Body and Mind of Yours'
Yvonne Prins
'I am a great fan of Jesse! since August 2014 I train with him. Every lesson is full power and energy. He knows to motivate me everytime and to give that extra to challenge my goals!'

Suleika Pauli
'Body and Mind Control is The place to be.  With a lot of experience and knowledge they know how to improve your health. Highly recommended!
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Meet Jesse, Personal Trainer of Flair Magazine

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